About Me

ello there! I am a student by day, aspiring singer and frustrated dancer by night. I live in the Philippines, have a simple life. I have a lot of Dreams, and I am currently writing one of it.

According to DrTuri. Those person who were born on May, was Luxurious   and Elegant. Sometimes stubborn and practical. And also a True Lovers. Also attracted to the arts, computers, radio, television, and investigation, etc.

According to Auslan Cramb, May is the luckiest month of all Months and October is the unluckiest. Yes! I was born on May 14, 1994. I am TAURUS, child of Venus.


People might say I’m such a loner person, but in my mind I have a lot of imaginations that make me feel happy not just only for my self but also to the people I owe a lot. I am practical. Always thinking positive as possible.

No one can stop to express my feelings. I know that I’m not a perfect person, but I will assure you that you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. When the wheels goes up, my life goes down. 10414527_872654972753495_2082798784753923114_n

Every time I felt beneath a rod I’ll always find ways to strive in such situation. Being convivial brought me to a positive outcome.

Hence, all of the sudden God is always there, so don’t let problem take you down you’re the one whose holding into it.



About the Site:

This blog site was named as Carpe Diem after I decided to change the name of this blog into Chances and Choices. Actually there’s a reason behind this story. As I about to change the name, It made me think twice if the is worth it than to the first one. I want to give this blog a clear definition of Chance & Choice.

“Chance is a possibility of something happening while Choice is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

People always need a second chance, a chance that he/she might use to make the wrong one to right one. They will always say this that if I had the chance to make it right I would probably changed it. But at the end its their Choice if they want to take a step to change it what they want to change. Life is between Chance and Choice, if you have the chance then its your choice to do something, to make your life worth while.


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