Too Hungry to Think


       We were alone once again, not even a smallest amount of light passed in our small room but there was flashes of lightning in our window pane. I can feel the vibration of the roaring thunder through my skin as I leaned into the wall where portraits of your family and cousins are carefully aligned and displayed.

It sends me shivers to realize that it would be rainy tonight and we are all alone. I looked at the place where you are lying comfortably; you were half-naked in the bed. My eyes wandered into your skin-toned figure, as my gaze continued to savor the sceneries of your body, your eyes gently met my mine. And as our emotions took advantage into our senses, you took a hasty step forward and grabbed my neck. I was stunned, trying to process everything that was happening between us two.

Our hidden hunger dominates out full being. It is not an ordinary hunger; this is a kind of hunger that was carefully recorded into every erotic novel and has already existed on ancient times and was vividly written in the history of man. This is an overpowering force that gradually 7773216_origdevours the physical mask of society ripping and the same time, showing the true perverted nature of our newly adapted civilization.

Now, things have gotten intense and this forbidden game that we are playing requires gamble and fervent sacrifices. I looked at your face, and touched your soft cheeks.

Clean and white, dirt and black; everything is made maddening and contrast. Your beating chest made me think that this is right but my shaking fingertips showed that my hesitation to go deeper and forget our gender similarities.

I slowly unbuttoned your jeans, and let my hands do the work. Naughty to think that I, myself is leading the pace. I greedily invited your tongue inside me. My consciousness began to statically send me warnings into what may come and the consequences I will face after this priceless pleasure. It was an unending battle between what is good and what is unholy but I am not afraid anymore. This would just pass and go this is the only chance I could be myself. Away from the eyes of the repressive, judgmental and instructive society, I do not wish to be governed by any master. Life is too short to be wasted, and time is not patient for me.

The clash was over and the result favored my needs. A flesh of a young handsome man and his secrets of creation. I dove down to your trunk and traced those places that sympathized and BjyQrKdCcAA2jMGdelighted my tainted imagination. I reached to the point where there is no coming back. I closed my eyes and saw myself turning into a hungry, savage beast that in reality is the true image of myself, its eyes were black and shallow, sharp teeth that resembled a carnivore and indeed, it are very authoritative and at the same time , hungry and it can’t pull itself together again.

Thunder clapped into the dark-starless sky and everything went down. I closed my eyes again, expecting to see that beast, but there was nothing, only the deafening whispers of people in the portraits. They were talking to each other and suddenly asking me if I was contented. I just looked at them and nodded. And everything vanished.


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