21st Century Stereo, Plugged On. Now Listen


       Lots of raging annoyance could explode from fans if their favorite record’s not played on air. Maybe because of that, MTV, Myx and V Channels often keep their listeners hooked of what’s on the trend, and what can usually gather the crowd. And before you might even forget, Radio stations too, never forget their job. DJ’s are also there. Of course, they do. Not just to play and play music all day long but as well to give bits, updates, and info’s on today’s chart-toppers.

For the fact that singers itself influence the emerging pop culture bad or good. It’s where the multitude mostly pays attention. Buying CD’s and song hits in record shops and downloading songs through the internet via certain websites, is the best way of picking up the form of music they are fond of playing 24/7.

What’s your much-loved music genre, song or artist? Here are some. You may but your headphones NOW.

Let’s drop by with:


That’s it. Club houses have nothing all to play with, except Electronic dance grooves. You know why DJ’s play a huge role in popularizing party sounds and night rhythms? Because Trance music is less in radio air-plays and mostly heard and played inside party houses. With kartandtinki1_trance-wallpaper_12technology, the use of synthesizers, drum machines & sequencers is common in forming a groovy-style beat that is the same with that of “House Music.” one of its components. Artist like Kaskade, Deadmau5, ATB, and Swedish House Mafia are worth listening to. Go ahead and check them all.


Taylor+Swift+42nd+Annual+Academy+Country+Music+xPUXoRRwQhglTAYLOR Swift’s might be on your mind now, but wait, we’ll be there. Acoustic guitars and few drum accompaniments form light or softer jingles by simple choruses. Love, not to mention that hurtful breakups, are just few of its themes, expressed through feelings of great assurance and genuine perceptive. Taylor Swift, the youngest recipient ever of AMA’S (wow!), became famous of her tracks, “You Belong with Me”, “Mine” and the catchy one: “We are never ever getting back together” landing massively on charts. Want to repeat them all one more? Sure you can, in your playlist of course.

Jason Mraz too, never failed to serenade “I’m yours” for inspired girls and Colbie Cailat is fallin in love in, “Fallen for you” Grammy nominees and awardees they all are. The Band Perry known for “If I die young” and Lady Antebellum for the dazzling “Need you now”. This sounds talk about love. Most are ballad sometimes.

HIP that HOP

Do you know how to rap? Aside from, “this one is for the boys with a booming system tap down act with a cooling system” never mind, that was breathtaking for sure. Let’s just delve a little bit about Hip – hop.

It’s known for having a slow and urban style rhythms were rapping is really common. The likes of Chris Brown, Jason de Rulo, Drake and pause for a while, the King of Rap. Eminem? These stars are all great in rapping and singing. Note: Albums are all worth to buy (If you have enough budgets).

You may not be aware that aside from just mere rapping, dancing too is widespread to some hip-hop artist with that ear-popping rhythmic beats and super-sonic dance moves. I’ve just recalled Ciara, she really got that good dancing moves and nice voice especially in “My goodies” remember? That was way back 9 years ago, I guess.


And now, who do you think is boggling your attention these days when it comes to her colorful and out of this world costumes? Let me think. Lady Gaga? Oh, I forgot she’s pop. I resume that’s non-other than, Nicki Minaj, black Barbie as what others call her. Even if she’s doing a lot of singing these days, still she is a rapper, a mind blowing female rapper. That’s where she came from. Thanks to her mentor Lil Wayne and even Madonna, who influences her work a lot. To her “Super Bass” and “Starships” singles, they’re all SHATTERING! Nice job for the charts. Her Pink Friday Albums are getting too much attention from itunes, from the hits “Fly, Moment for Life, to Pound the Alarm, and The Boys. I know you’re still about to download some of it, If you do, then hurry up! Before Pink Friday changes to Blue Friday!

ROCK and MAKE some noise.

Crucially focused on the electric guitar, it brought out talents from massive acts from Linkin Parks, “Tokio Hotel, to Blink 182 and Green Day with tremendous albums sold worldwide. Alternative Rock, one of its components is popular today. It’s expressive, more focused on one’s 251c758a5430e4d42771e2ff88d9a6b8feelings. So, who will ever forget Paramore, and Pamic at Disco? But oops! I forgot Maroon 5’s almost getting pop these days (Payphone). These American Bands really smash our eardrums and well, we just can’t help avoiding it.

Take note Kelly Clarkson and One Direction fans. Remember their splendid signature sound: Pop/Rock.? Exactly! Singles, “What Doesn’t Kill You(Stronger)” & “Live while were young” appear to be lively, catchy and of good beat. Numerous drum beats and electric guitar hooks are heard throughout.

Punk/Rock is a component. Similar to Emo Rock associated to the youths of the new generation about coping peer pressures, bullying issues and so on. Bands such Simple Plan, Hot Chelle Rae, and Black Veil Brides fit here. Other constituents include Folk Rock, Classical Rock, Jazz Rock and Soft Rock. Some of it are still dominant while the others may have been replaced. Still singing out loud there? I bet you don’t wanna get your vocal chords in trouble with that.

POP it POP on.

Radios just can’t STOP playing contagious tunes since we prefer snooping to it day by day. Beats are found out to be new and young suiting the kind of generation we have. The popularity of the music industry’s biggest artists help producers release songs that would peak charts in order to earn big from their sales. They craft an unusual star factor so spectators would be impressed on their media appearances and concerts.

katyperry_wpKaty Perry, one of today’s best-selling artists is one example. The first female singer-song writer to have 5 no.1 singles in one album. It tied the King of Pop: the late Michael Jackson on his achievements. “California Girls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework”, “E.T. and “Last Friday Night” experienced tremendous sales in its particular releases. The recent “Part of me” release became the 21st song to land number one straight in billboard and Wide Awake which is part of “The Complete Confection” a re-release, made also its way on top.

New artists begin to catch attention from people. Yes, you may recall Carly Rae Jepsen topped almost all the charts with her no.1 pop song “Call me baby” and that was definitely a huge THUMBS UP! Remember the video? If yes, you bet the song was really phenomenal isn’t it? You’re right. That’s how Pop changed the routines of our playlists from fully-charged, to low battery because of too much REPLAYS! Imagine how addicting these songs are.

Disclaimer: The author of this article is Mr. Christian Dominique Dumdum. One of the best writers on The Official Student Publication | Nation Builder. Cebu Technological University Main Campus.


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