Top 6 Personas in PUV’s “Far behind the norms”


      Faces showing disgust and irritation are seen on some passengers who notice awkward gestures and infrequent actions from unusual personalities inside PUV’s (Public Utility Vehicles); one of the common means of transportation inside the metropolis. Since most of the populace commute every day for school and work, it’s obvious that you will spot one of these. You could even laugh about when you remember someone who bothered your deep concentration.

So whether we like it or not, they always spread in different forms like this:

shutterstock_217875652-390x2856. “Mr. Hurry Ups”

Running and chasing. That’s what they do, just to ease the worries of becoming late. You can be one of these acts. But, even hanging yourself at the entrance of the jeepney when there’s no available sit left, (sure?), could be harmful for you. Then again, no choice at all, it’s been a strategy to arrive on time so the strict boss would not be upset anymore.

5. “The Sleepy – heads”filipino-commuters-01_B7C14F72C78441E986654E33148605E5

Tired, weary and buzzes like a bumble bee, they hassle your time while enjoying the ride. Sitting next to this person could be an annoying one as they slumber for a while. They’re not too aware that your shoulders might be their next target for relaxation, what? It’s a big no no. So it would be best if you just don’t sit beside them so you would avoid such thing.


4. “Gossip Girls”

Nothing but all cursing mouths are heard through the wind by some who don’t know that they’re not the only passenger occupying inside the 4-wheeled vehicle. They are too provocative about their language in public that people are suddenly frightened and disrupted when they start talking about their enemies in an appropriate manner loudly as they can. Anyway, is it advisable to put up a signage telling “Stop back-biting, others can hear you…” soon? Well, we will wait for that.

3. “Noise Amplifiers”

There walking stereos others may say, they thought the whole space is a stage, where they can just sing and perform what they want. Others sing their own composition, wow! , not knowing that jejeinterrupted individuals sitting next beside are already tapping their ears out. Even the driver’s focus on collecting fares can also be troubled since their might be a problem in returning the amount of change caused by that horrible blasts. What a waste of patience to the other commuters.



Upon seeing these bunch of techno addicts displaying their new devices in front of you, it’s like you’re in a gadget store. Some are really that confident enough to show their PSP’s or CP’s on outdoors when in fact they already know that it’s not safe around and it could just be grabbed by anybody out there. So you better watch out! , you better not cry!

1. “Suspicious Owls”

A straight stare is given to you by someone whom you thought you’ve done something at. Their bloodshot eyes are completely directed towards types-of-people-in-a-philippine-jeepneyyou, like how heavy is their problem at you, when actually there’s really none. You can’t guess if it’s just a mere appreciation or the worst, (anger) . It’s hard to think about why, and you can’t answer it on your own. Well, anyway, it’s not your problem, it’s their problem. A few of them might be just having some serious dilemmas in their personal lives, so don’t ever worry, you’re not part of them.

Spot some difference.

These few personalities seen inside throughout PUV’s had been part of the commuting public. It might not be usual to hear them spreading among these days since most of us have noticed them even before. Their like seasons, which means, they come and go and here again they’re appearing in front of you. Majority had practiced portraying some kind of persona’s outside and sometimes we can’t avoid being a little bit baffled if they really mean it or not. Do they? Even you, yourself might be one of them recently. Nevertheless, let’s just not wait the next day waking up already being either one of those mentioned above.

Do you encounter these persona’s also? Then if you do, share you’re experienced with us. Comment your story below or send it through my email:


3 thoughts on “Top 6 Personas in PUV’s “Far behind the norms”

  1. Summer says:

    I hate public show of affection especially those who were still young. Pero sa totoo lang, they’re the one doing this most of the time. Yung mga older adults, they don’t show it in public. I’m always hurry too, sigh. I’m sleep too ouch, that’s when I lost my phone. It was stolen because I knew that it’s gone when I’m about to go out the bus. I hate those talking so loudly that they don’t mind that they’re with other passengers. You know what, a lot of bloggers made a post like this already. Perhaps there really something wrong with the current PUVs culture.

    Liked by 1 person

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