Free Internet Connection for Globe Users


As a time goes by, Human’s Basic Needs are now more aggressive than usual. It has to be like this, it has to be like that. In order you to live you must have the shelter, food, clothes, and Internet Connection.

An Internet Connection? Yes. In our generation Internet Connection is more important than anything else. Some people say they can’t live without the Social Sites, but how about the connection? Can you open your Social Account without any Internet Connection? Well, it’s hard to believe that Internet connection is part of our basic needs already. But the main point here is How about those people who don’t have enough money to buy or to get Internet Connection? There’s a lot of free WiFi areas, but only at the Malls, Hotels and Restaurants.

So I’ve searched something that could help the Internet Users and give them satisfaction without spending money. And I’ve found this free Internet Connection using your Globe Broadband. In order to have this free internet connection you must have the Globe Tattoo Broadband. It’s the most important thing you to have.

So here’s the step on how to have a free Internet Connection.

1. Download UltraSurf. Here’s the Link.

2. Plug-in the Globe Tattoo Stick in your Computer and Open the Globe Tattoo Broadband Dashboard.


3. Click Tools > Options.


4. Click Profile Management. Then click New and type the following.


5. Then click New and type the following.

Profile Name: Free Internet (any names are allowed)

APN (Use Static):

Access Number: *99#

Click Save then Default.


6. Choose the settings you made then click Connect. Make sure that your Globe Tattoo Stick don’t have enough load to use it as free.


7. Open the UltraSurf.


8. Go to Option > Proxy Settings > then choose Manual Proxy Settings. Add the following.

Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 8080


Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 8080

Click OK, OK, then Exit.

You need to Exit the UltraSurf in order to function the settings.


9. Open the UltraSurf and wait for this message to come out. Status: Successfully Connected to Server.


If you cannot connect to the server, click Exit and try to open the UltraSurf again. Otherwise, change the Proxy Host. Then try to open again the App.

The given application was proven and tested. So no need to worry, if it has a virus or whatever. I often used this application and it helps me a lot.

Any questions, violent reactions? Don’t hesitate to comment below or send it through my email: let us discuss about it  🙂


35 thoughts on “Free Internet Connection for Globe Users

  1. Dyna Rose says:

    Hello.. Nakagamit na ako dati ng broadband + Pisiphone.. ang kaso nahinto ko nung hiniram ung laptop ko.. then nung pag balik ko boom nakatay na .. uhm.. totoo po ba to 🙂


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