What are you? [11:11]


A message from Universe.

Ilan sa mga nabasa ko habang naghahanap ng kasagutan kung ano ba talaga ang kahulugan ng 11:11.

I keep making Web Sites that time when I accidentally gave my attention into the corner of my monitor. It is “11:11”. Not just once but many times. I think every other day. It started when one of my friends on facebook keep posting about this mysterious numerous number. Sometimes they tend to capture the number with the description of “Serious Bi Partner” “Serious Relationship” etc. Is this what they call, Calling? HAHAHA! Seriously, I’ve searched about this thingy on Internet. Different explanation but with the same thought.

Some of their answers about 11:11:

– Lightworkers or Earth Angels
– Being Positive
– Make a wish

eleven eleven
Make a Wish.
We tend to do this when we want something or someone. So everytime you see 11:11 make a wish don’t be afraid to believe. Wala naman mawawala sayo!

Being Positive.
Continue your positivity. That number reminds you of how positive you are in any kind of situation.

Light workers or Earth Angels.
You had purpose in this world. There is something inside of you that could change the life of other. Something that could help. Sometimes they called it as an instrument to do good things.

We know that all of the things on this world has a meaning. Everything has a reason.

Kahit anong rason pa yan, ang lagi mong isipin nandiyan ang Panginoong Diyos gumagabay sa atin.


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