Blue & Silver Christmas Desk Decoration Contest


IT started with the small ideas, added by suggestions & had a better result. Me and My Co-OJT’s are working together as a Team. We don’t let ourselves to compete each other. We were working as one in other word “Team Work” or “Unity”. The Group, searched a lots of decorative design using affordable materials. We didn’t buy expensive decorations for our design.

We decided to use Art Papers, Bond Paper, soft-drink crowns, Popsicle stick, Styrofoam, cartoons, & bamboo stick. By those materials we built an amazing and creative decoration for our station. We build up a distinct Christmas Tree using 4 Bamboo sticks, the length of the stick is 30cm, and the width is 1cm. We formed it a pyramid style but with 4 sides. Then we put a thread all over the body of pyramid Christmas tree. We smeared the thread with a glue all over on it and added silver dust around the Christmas Tree. We had an Instant Christmas Tree now. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the effort of my Co-OJT’s. XOXO :3


In order to have a not boring station, we decided to create a snowflakes, a paper snowflakes. A simple instructions from a reliable site we’ve come up with a different kinds of snowflakes. With the help of Fe & Trizia we had an instant snowflakes with a corresponding color of blue and white.


Actually this next design were their ideas.
They created a Merry Christmas word decoration, but not just simple decoration. They made the bond paper like a paper fan. They combined the two paper fan to form it a circle. They put a blue circle paper at the middle of it and add the font on it. The result was like a one layer cake with letter on the center.


How about the soft-drink crowns? Well, they just made it a mini Snowman. But how? 3 soft-drink crowns connected to each other to become a snowman, but before that they painted the crown a white color in order to be a snowman, after it dries they draw a dot to form a face to a snowman. Instant Snowman πŸ˜€


Because my Co-OJT’s were so creative they’ve made a mini white village. Using recyclable cartoons they built a mini house, mini Christmas tree using Art paper. How bout the Styrofoam? They made it as a holder of all the houses they’ve made. The Styrofoam had a holes on it so they decided to cover it with a cotton and a tin foil & they put some glitters silver white dust. All the efforts are worth it because we had a nice and beautiful result with our station.


These are the design of our regular employees & OJT’s:

Other OJT’s Design:

-Jan Michael Castillo


-Richiell Buhian

– Vincent Luna

Employees Design:

-Ate Ivy


-Kuya Keith




-Ate Leah


We all know that this is a competition. Though we are aiming to win in this competition, yet were not expecting nor assuming. We just wanted feel the essence of Christmas and breathe its cooled weather.

The lesson I’ve learned, You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy some expensive Christmas decoration. Use your initiative how to have a Christmas decoration by the use of recyclable materials. Christmas is not how much you spend but how you manage your money while you’re in a financial crisis. Advanced Merry Christmas & Have a Happy Holidays to all πŸ˜€


Christmas is fast approaching…


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