Tips how to Link Prospecting (SEO)


How to gather relevant pages that could help to improve the rank of your site? Well there’s an easy steps that could help you to find more realiable and quality sites.

You should have!


1. SEO Tool. There’s a lot of Tools you can search in the internet. What’s the purpose for having this tool? It helps you to determine the Standard of such Sites. It checks the Page Rank of a certain site that may affect also to your site if you already negotiate with the webmaster. While gathering a sites always check the Page PR and Site Pr of the site it describe as a Good Quality site. Don’t forget to check the cached of that certain site because sometimes Google won’t prioritize some sites for not maintaining their sites. You can also check the Backlinks of that site by clicking the Icon Above: Iam using SEOQuick. Here’s the site !

1 2

For Who is:

2. Use to check the contact information of that certain sites. It would help you to communicate with webmaster and have negotiation. Be aware of this email addresses: “” because you can’t even send an Outreach to that Webmaster due to the wrong email address. The best thing you can do, check all the possible pages of that certain sites especially their About, Advertisement, Contact, Privacy Pages because sometimes they put their emails on that certain pages.

Be Analytic:

3. On gathering quality sites, always analyze the content of the site. As possible read the content if it is fit to your niche. By that you can get a site that has a many readers. It is for your own mutual benefits as well in the future.

Backlink Analysis:

4. You can find quality sites from your competitor also. How to check their backlinks? You can go to this sites for checking the Backlinks of your competitor:,, etc. While checking for the backlinks of your competitor you can use the techniques as well for checking their backlinks quality sites.



For more information, you can comment and suggest about my Tips for gathering quality sites. Thank you!


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