The Baddest Female


“Music has no language barrier. It’s just music, you could just listen to it and feel it. When you’re on stage, you connect to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Korean, or in English. It’s just a matter of what we show and inspire.”
–  CL

Who is Lee Chaerin/이채린?

Also know as “CL”. She is a Leader, Vocals, Lead Rapper, Dancer and a member of K-POP Female Group 2NE1. She was born on February 26, 1991. She can speak Korean, English, Japanese, French.

tumblr_inline_mrqbnxNckZ1s7fdjcThe savage, hot and energetic pioneer of 2ne1 quickly gets your consideration with her self-assured and massive stage vicinity. Then again, it is her appealing off-stage identity that seals your reverence for her. From the start known for her rapping and general performing vitality, CL has later amazed us with her superb vocal abilities. It is her unwavering stage appeal that is the establishment of 2ne1′s live execution style. She is the establishment on which alternate young ladies prosper and her she genuinely deals with her part as pioneer.

CL was conceived in Seoul, South Korea, however voyage regularly with her crew. Thus she used much of her childhood in different nations including, Japan and France. In this manner, CL was presented to a mixture of societies and dialects all through her childhood. CL turned into a YG Trainee in late 2006, helping different Huge explosion collections and authoritatively a piece of the YG family in late 2007. After her introduction with 2ne1, she was emphasized in the track ‘The Pioneers’ by Enormous detonation part, G-Monster and Teddy of 1tym. She and individual 2ne1 part Minzy discharged a mainstream computerized single, ‘Kindly Don’t Go’ in late 200


Solo Discography:

Hot Issue (Intro) [GD FT. CL] (A: Brave Brothers|C: Brave Brothers & GD|L: GD)

A Good Man [BIGBANG FT. CL] (A: Kush|C: Kush & T.O.P|L: T.O.P)
D.I.S.C.O [UHM JUNG HWA FT. CL] (A,C&L: Teddy)
What [YMGA FT. YG FAMILY] (A: Masta Wu|C: Kush|L: CL,DM,GD,Kush,Masta Wu,Perry & Teddy)

Kiss [DARA FT. CL] (A,C&L: Teddy)
The Leaders [GD FT. CL & TEDDY] (A: Teddy|C: GD & Teddy|L: CL,GD & Teddy)
1st DIGITAL SINGLE [2009]: Please Don’t Go [CL&MINZY] (A,C&L: Teddy)

(CF/Promo) ADIDAS: All Originals Make Moves [CL] (L: CL)

(A= Arranger|C= Composer|L= Lyricist)


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